EPP Coatings is dedicated to the production of specialty electrophoretic laquering processes and solutions for the entire metal finishing industry worldwide. EPP manufactures environmentally friendly coatings processes with low VOC, producing minimal waste products, it is green!

Besides being an economical process, it is decorative, versatile and durable, EPP Coatings are a worldwide exporter and manufacturer of decorative high performance polyurethane and acrylic electrophoretic lacquers. We are looking for International Partners. Please contact us.



EPP Coatings products LacKote LC and LacKote Ultra are extremely durable organic coatings which can even convert the appereance of one metal to another for example zinc die-cast to the appereance of brass with up to 5H hardness, and a coating thickness from 5-30 microns depending on use.

This new range of cathodic polyurethane coatings are so superior to previous clear protection for metal that they are likely to alter the way many productsare made. Due to their special properties this will enable brass, copper and bronze to be used in situations where only chrome plate, aluminium or stainless steel were previously considered. It is so clear that even precious metals can be coated with it without detriment to thier appereance, enabling thinner precious metal coatings to be used. It also gives exceptionally good coverage, so that complex shaped products that could not previously be satisfactorily protected can now be coated with a uniform, invisible layer over their entire surface, even in deeply recessed areas.

What makes all this possible is not so much the inherent toughness of the product, but the way in which it is applied. This process is literally plated onto the metal , using a low voltage electrophoretic process to from a layer that conforms extremely well with the contours of the underlying surface and can maintain engineered tolerances. This process makes the coating extremely hard to see and gives it extraordinary powers of adhesion and coverage.

The bond formed is so strong that the coating will not lift or peel, even if a small area is somehow scratched or abraded through.

EPP Processes give new potential to corrdible metals. Where the corrosion resistant properties of nickel chrome systems, anodised aluminium or stainless steel were previously required, zinc die-cast, brass, bronze… etc. even silver plate can now provide a practical alternative when coated with EPP processes. Coatings on aluminium, chrome and stainless steel can be change the appereance to brass, gold or metallic colours.